Social Projects And Activities. What differentiates Artsy Africa from the rest

Artsy Africa an organization in Africa Uganda set to be one of the most influential organizations in impact based change on a minimal scale. (community based change)

The organization has already started setting bars in areas such as talent development , innovation and Technological development , using the hidden gems that are in Africa.

CEO-and-head-of- uganda- with-some-on-the-children-under-our-football-program.


Artsy Africa was founded as a brand to support projects in Africa. Together with our German N.G.O (Funding Network Africa e.V.) and our African N.G.O (Artsy Africa Academy), we ensure that every donation is used for the benefit of a socially disadvantaged person in Africa.The underlying motive is to ‘’educate the kids in schools’’ and use sports as a game changer in their life.In addition to helping the underprivileged, developing talents, improving personal skills, teaching about spiritual growth, and helping orphans, children, and young people with limited future opportunities.Artsy Africa Academy helps bring out the best in young people and children and develops them into role models who are an excellent value to their community.



Artsy Africa has had a most revealing and enticing year 2023 in which it has achieved huge growth in terms of staff and global reach towards its main initiative (Social growth). So in terms of impact on society , Artsy Africa has grown over 125+ talents and this is in regards to sports , MDD and technical skills achievement. In terms of Education The Organization has admitted over 15 students At IU university of applied sciences and Is currently taking care of 14+ orphans in areas of Kibuli. Artsy has not only branches in Uganda but also in Cameroon and Kenya..Where it’s also making major changes too.

Social Projects

Empower a girl’s access to education. The Girl Child Initiative.

In Africa, the lack of financial resources and necessary resources often prevents girls from continuing their education. To address this issue, we  at Artsy Africa are working to provide support to girls so that they can stay in school and build a more promising future. By joining forces with our funders (Hoteliers Guild and Study Access Alliance and IU University of Applied sciences), we are enabling girls to achieve their educational goals and empowering them to succeed.

Academy football team(the Artsy Africa football Academy).

Football is one of those things that help people all over the world to connect and this doesn’t only concern the sport itself but something else more related to Personality development.

Artsy Africa Academy recognizes and supports young talents, using sports and other activities to help keep children engaged and keep away from negative influences. By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, the academy helps to cultivate the best in young people and contribute to the enhancement of future generations.


Sponsorship program.(For the less privileged in society).

As part of our commitment to promoting education and providing girls with access to learning opportunities, Artsy Africa Academy has sponsored the return to school for 14 orphans. The academy is also leading efforts to support individuals with disabilities, and we currently have one disabled student receiving sponsorship through our program. We hope to increase these efforts and reach more children and young people in need with additional funding because we believe 2024 is gonna be full of change for us in this sect and we will be able to take on more children catered over all sects Of the society.

Talent Development Through (Taekwondo, Arts and craft and MDD)

At Artsy Africa Academy, we understand that nurturing talent requires time and dedication, but the reward of seeing individuals reach their full potential is invaluable. By investing in the development of our team, we empower them to thrive both professionally and personally. We achieve this through a range of activities including sports, education, training and mentorship, which are designed to improve skills and abilities, leading to increased competence, job satisfaction, and career advancement.

Taekwondo offers a unique social dimension. Students often engage in group training sessions, creating a supportive and encouraging community. The camaraderie formed during training sessions enhances the overall experience, making Taekwondo not just a physical pursuit but also a social and enjoyable activity

Art and crafting activities provide children with a canvas for self-expression and imagination. Through drawing, painting, and other artistic mediums, they can explore their creativity, giving form to their thoughts and feelings. This process encourages them to think outside the box and embrace their uniqueness.

Head-of-Uganda-offering-humanitarian-aid-to-Kibuli girls

Despite their distinct characteristics, music, dance, and drama often intersect and influence one another. Musicals seamlessly blend music and drama, creating a synthesis of auditory and visual storytelling. Dance can enhance theatrical productions, adding another layer of expression to the narrative. In turn, dramatic elements may inspire musical compositions. This interconnectedness reflects the richness and versatility of the performing arts, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether studied individually or in harmony, these art forms contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape, captivating audiences and enriching the human experience

With all this at play, Artsy Africa has managed to achieve its outstanding growth and become an industry Leading N.G.O in Community based impact change in Uganda. With this and more Idesa Still to come, Join me more every week As we dive into Artsy Africa and its impact in the areas it is Get to know what Our Sponsors offer and what is got in turn, get to know about the administration and How it has lead to the great growth of this organization.

With all that being said I conclude today’s chapter and hope to take you up on another in due time. BYE

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