Get the Degree you Deserve with study funding

You want to study at International University in Germany, but you can’t afford the full tuition ?

Get support from the Diaspora and people around world through our Crowd funding programme.


well its very simple :

1.  Apply for a scholarship and after you get accepted then create your  profile and a good description of why you of all people should be supported.

2. After your Profile has been accepted share it with your family and friends through all possible ways like personal and and other channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. We will also market the top profiles to our partners and Audience in Europe / USA. So make sure to also get many likes as so as to come on the top list with your profile.

3. After the entire amount (€1000 Donation + €25 payment provider costs*) has been collected , you will registered directly for your studies at the IU and start right away.

Please Note :

* ” Sec.3 (4) the candidate must be not charged any application or study-related costs by the SAA nor any other organisation or individual, i.e  no tuition fee, enrolment fee, application fee and examination fee. This does not include costs that a candidate must incur in order t meet the admission requirements like for example translation of documents, English skills Certification. The candidates are obliged to notify the SAA if any payments were made before during or after the application and /or studies at the Partner University.

* If the entire amount could not be successfully collected, the remaining donations will e used for another student in need.

* The application and registration are totally free of charge. We also do not charge any basic fees or monthly costs. You decide on how long you use Help2Study , so we dont charge for fixed terms or contracts. . But donating incur costs which are charged by banks and payment providers, for example. Therefore, 50% of every donation remains with the funding network Africa. With this 50% , we can cover this costs thus we can ensure that we offer social organisations our other services (including fundraising tools, knowledge and outreach) completely free of charge.


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