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Do you want to study at a German top University? With fess probably lower than in your country? Online and from anywhere? International University is the solution for you.

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IU is Germany´s largest private University that offers High Quality Degrees IU is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

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Bachelors programs

Earn a state-accredited, internationally recognized bachelor's degree online at Germany's largest university. Choose from various healthcare, data & IT, marketing, and business & management programs. Some programs are fully online, while others offer a blend of online and in-person studies. Explore available programs to learn more.

Masters programs

Advance your career with a state-accredited, internationally recognized online master's degree. Gain expert knowledge in in-demand fields and practical skills. Choose from fully online or blended programs in data & IT, business & management, health & social care, or marketing & communications. Learn more about available programs.

MBA programs

Are you interested in making a positive impact and leading teams in innovative industries? Our diverse MBA program offers specialized tracks that allow you to pursue a new career path in your chosen field. Enhance your abilities and take the next step in your professional development by earning an MBA.

Online certification programs


International University, a prestigious international institution, offers a range of Nano degrees in various subjects, including Business, Data Science, and Technology, which can be completed entirely online by students from around the world.


International University, a globally recognized institution, offers a variety of online diploma programs in fields such as Education, Health Sciences, and Marketing, giving students the opportunity to advance their careers from anywhere in the world.

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The IU Pathway Programme on campus Germany


What Students Say about IUBH

The IU Pathway Programme builds the skills you need to leverage your academic success and give you the best possible start into your
degree. You’ll live on campus, get acquainted with all facilities and your
fellow students from over 110 nationalities, and settle into your new surroundings. Once your programme starts, you can entirely focus on your
studies and your personal success, with a solid foundation to build on

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To guarantee secure payment receipt, we exclusively utilize German bank accounts.


Payment is processed upon successful enrollment and completion of the registration process.


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    Our myCampus digital learning platform provides all the necessary tools for successful study, no matter your location or preferred method of learning. At IU International University of Applied Sciences, we prioritize accessibility and flexibility in our programs, and myCampus was designed with these values in mind

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    IU International University is a university in private sponsorship whose study programmes are accredited but not refinanced by the state. For this reason, we have to charge fees for the study programme. Only in the dual study model of the IU are these fees usually taken over by the company; in addition, an internship allowance is paid in some cases.

    The term “accreditation” describes the recognition of higher education institutions or study programmes according to certain criteria in order to ensure the quality of teaching and studies. In addition, it is intended to increase the transparency of study programmes and improve the international comparability of degrees. The institutional accreditation of private universities is carried out by the German Council of Science and Humanities, while the accreditation of study programmes at state-recognised universities is carried out by special accreditation agencies. The respective principles for this are defined by the Accreditation Council.

    Yes. The IU was reaccredited in 2021 for a period of 5 years.

    More than 75,000 people are now studying at IU. We have excellent feedback from our students, whether in online-learning, part-time or dual study. We are only successful when our students are successful.


    You can choose your degree programme to suit your particular stage of life and design it individually depending on the type of study. In general, there are four types of study available to you: In distance learning, you can study 100% online, independent of time and place, and without any compulsory attendance. Or you can opt for a combined study programme to continue your education parallel to your daily work. With myStudium, you choose whether you want to study on campus or in online events. Another alternative is the dual study programme, where you spend about half of your study time in the company and the rest of the time on campus.

    That is entirely your decision: Our degree programmes can be studied either full-time or part-time. In the case of full-time study, you will take modules worth 30 ECTS points per semester (which corresponds to a total workload of 900 hours). However, you are also welcome to book a smaller number of courses per semester. In each time model, your studies can be extended by 12 months free of charge.

    We place great emphasis on interactivity. This means that in addition to the written study materials, numerous online learning materials are available to you. This includes, for example, digital study scripts as PDFs and as interactive e-book versions in our learning app IU Learn, self-tests, learning videos and, in selected courses, tutorials, revision courses or interactive teaching events. Furthermore, you can exchange information with other students via our virtual campus and also consult with your academic advisors at any time.

    Yes, when you register at our university, you will receive access data for our online library, where you can research literature and in some cases also read it directly as an e-book.

    Yes, IU offers a range of options for completing a Master’s degree.

    The standard period of study for a Bachelor’s degree is 36 months full-time (exception for dual studies: 42 months). If you know from the start that you will need more time for your studies, you can choose the extended study time of 48 months (part-time 1) or 72 months (part-time 2) in advance in the distance learning and combined studies study model.

    Yes. To take a break from your studies, we offer you the option of a semester off in the distance learning, combined studies and myStudium programmes. During this time, your studies are suspended and you have no access to the online campus or your learning materials. However, we do not charge any fees during your leave of absence.


    A leave of absence is possible from the second semester onwards. In total, the leave of absence may not exceed half of the standard period of study of your degree programme (e.g. for a six-semester Bachelor’s programme, a maximum of three semesters of leave).


    Need more time? You can also extend the standard period of study in any study model by up to 12 months free of charge. This way we offer you maximum flexibility!

    Yes, all students at IU International University receive their personal student ID. You can access your student card directly in the browser version of the IU Learn app!

    The 86% scholarship is offered by Artsy Africa Academy in collaboration with IU. The scholarship must therefore be applied for on this website.

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