School and sports will be a ‘’game changer’’ for the kids in their life

Artsy Africa Academy was established 2020 in Africa to provide the best possible service on the community of Uganda (KIBULI) and the underlying motive is to ‘’educate the kids in schools’’ plus using sports as a game changer in their life.  In addition to helping the underprivileged, developing talents, improving personal skills, teaching about spiritual growth, helping orphans, children and young people with limited future opportunities.

Artsyafrica Academy helps to bring out the best in young people and children and develops them into role models that become a great value for their community.

The people we work with have a heart to give something back to the community and to help others achieve a more dignified life. One of the values that preoccupy us is the change of mindset and the self-development of children and young people, this is our highest priority.


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Our Mission:

  • Support and develop children and young people in their talents and education
  • Assisting children and young people so that they can look to the future successfully
  • Providing training to form a successful society
  • Utilize latest technology and equipment for proper teachings

Our Values

  • Accountability – We are accountable to our community.
  • Integrity – We are honest, fair, and respectful of others.
  • Efficiency – We continuously identify the best ways to deliver high quality services
  • Affordability – We don’t base on money
  • Innovation – We value new ideas and concepts to better our services to the community

Our Goals and objectives

ArtsyAfrica Academy has adopted and set out its goals as follows:

  • To become the fast and reliable Academy in KIBULI
  • To provide affordable training skills and life coaching program
  • To extend the business network and relationship with the community to different parts of Africa and in future Worldwide
  • To become the Academy of choice.
  • To build solid relationships with our Youth

In order to achieve our goals, our objectives are:

  • Strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures
  • To maintain high value standards and deliver equally quality services to our community
  • Build relationships internally and externally in the area
  • Quality assurance on all work performed

Our Service Packages:

  • Team camps
  • Training services
  • Tryouts
  • Coaches clinics
  • Building leadership
  • Travel team training
  • Club plus program
  • Community sensitization
  • Life coaching
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills and personal skills.

Our Experience

We focus on the continuous development of our staff and our children and young people to ensure that we not only provide high quality services, but also exceed the expectations of our members. The Academy is staffed by competent employees who have the best experience from their studies, sports, in society and other various fields.

 Our strength is:             

  • We have highly skilled technical staff
  • Being a “One Stop Service” center for spiritual and mental growth
  • Providing of different services like sports, education and much more

Our priority is:

  • To keep children and young people off the streets and to advance them in life through vital activities and coaching
  • To develop role models that serve as positive examples in the community.
  • To create jobs and opportunities for the community members

Our Location:


Registration office: KIBULI CENTRAL ZONE

Telephone:  +256701250548

Company contact person: Mr. DUDA BAKER (Artsy Africa UG)


Funding Network Afrika e.V. was founded in Germany in 2021 to sponsor the activites of Artsy Africa Academy ltd.

Find here more about Funding Network Afrika e.V.