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We Are a Powerful Modern Team

We focus on the continuous development of our staff and our children and young people to ensure that we not only provide high quality services, but also exceed the expectations of our members. The Academy is staffed by competent employees who have the best experience from their studies, sports, in society and other various fields.

Our Mission

  • Support and develop children and young people in their talents and education
  • Assisting children and young people so that they can look to the future successfully
  • Providing training to form a successful society
  • Utilize latest technology and equipment for proper teachings

Our Location


Registration office: KIBULI CENTRAL ZONE

Telephone:  +256701250548

Company contact person: Mr. DUDA BAKER (Artsy Africa UG)

Funding Network Afrika e.V. was founded in Germany in 2021 to sponsor the activites of Artsy Africa

Our Goals

  • To become the fast and reliable Academy in KIBULI
  • To provide affordable training skills and life coaching program
  • To extend the business network and relationship with the community to different parts of Africa and in future Worldwide
  • To become the Academy of choice.
  • To build solid relationships with our Youth

Our Objectives

  • Strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures
  • To maintain high value standards and deliver equally quality services to our community
  • Build relationships internally and externally in the area
  • Quality assurance on all work performed

 Our strength

At our One Stop Service center, we have a team of highly skilled technical staff who are dedicated to supporting spiritual and mental growth through a range of services including sports, education, and more. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential and live a fulfilling life.

Why Choose Us?

We are constantly innovating and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure that we are always able to offer the best possible solutions to the world.

International Projects
Changed Lives
Developed Talents
Education Promotion

Our story starts in 2020 when we dared to take a step to give back to the Ugandan community


Mr. Eddie Kayiira

Mr. Eddie Kayiira

C.E.O Artsy Africa
Mr. Farouk Wasswa

Mr. Farouk Wasswa

Mr. Bashir Mwanje

Mr. Bashir Mwanje

Projects Manager
Mr. Baker  Duda

Mr. Baker Duda

Head Of Uganda


The World Deserves To SEE This




Team Member



Mr. Eddie Kayiira



Project Manager

Mr. Bashir Mwanje



Contact persons NGOs

Artsy Academy Cameroon

Head of Cameroon

Mr. Landry Njike   +237 656 081 034

Mr. Landry Njike 
+237 656 081 034

Artsy Africa Academy Uganda

Head of Uganda

Mr. Duda Baker +256 701 250 548

Mr. Duda Baker
+256 701 250 548

Förderungsnetzwerk Afrika e.V.

Program Manager Germany

Dr. Sigrun Härtl


Mr. Bashir Mwanje
+256 726 073 961


Academy Uganda

Kibuli Central Region

Kampala, Uganda

Academy Cameroon

Mandja, Rue du Festival, Carrefour Gustavo Niat P.O BOX  9365 Baganangte, cameroon

Funding Network

Förderungsnetzwerk Afrika e.V.

Großreuther Straße 128
90425 Nürnberg