Support Janet Jalia Nakakande for a German MBA – Masters in Business Administration


My name is Nakakande Janet, I am 27 years old. I live in Uganda and have pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Finance and Banking from Makerere University Business. I currently work with Artsy Africa Academy as a Financial Controller and am looking to pursue a master’s degree in Business administration at IU.


I am seeking Financial Support to enroll for the online master’s degree in Business Administration at IU (International University of Applied Science). I am seeking support because the income I gain from my work at Artsy African cannot facilitate me to attain the master’s degree. I am looking to raise 1000 Euros for my study program


Through your help from this crowd funding platform, I will be able to attain a master’s in Business Administration, which will equip me with skill sets from various backgrounds, such as applied statistics, human resources, business communication, ethics, business law, managerial economics, and strategic management. These skills will help me identify patterns that are helpful in Corporate Treasury management, a part of Finance Management that I would like to pursue in the future.


I kindly ask for your financial support for a master’s degree at IU (International University of Applied Science. Any small donation can help me reach my goal of 1000Euros (Ugx4000,000).


Your donations will go towards the tuition fees to IU for the MBA. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


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