Support Brain for a German nano-degree in Cyber security


I am a young Ugandan seeking to enhance my skillset and experienec in InformationTechnolgy, Cyber security to be specific.

I hold a bachelor’s of science in Information systems and technology degreee and currently employed as a systems support administrator at a tertiary institution. This knowledge will enable me to provide system support to various kinds of companies or businesses in the future. My dream is to work with Google someday and I believe this knowledge of this skillset takes me a step further.


I have a strong willingness to learn and venture into the new, especially in the field of technology.  I am a graduate from an institution in Uganda in the genesis of formal employment, however the nature of the economy does not favour salary increase or promotion even in a full-time form of employment, thereby requesting for this fund. My salary grade does not offer a path in which i am able to pay up for this course on top of life’s continuous demands.

This aid will enable me to freely access and interface with all learning modules at my own convenience and time given that all the material is accessed online.

I therefore would like to take up this opportunity at Artsy Africa and skill up as I grow in the area of cyber security


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