Peter needs help in funding his Germany Nano-degree in International Contract Management


I am Kyotasobora Peter, 25 years of age from Uganda. I work with Artsy Africa Academy as a junior manager. I hold a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-LEVEL). I am currently pursuing a bachelors in law at Islamic University in Uganda. I want to enroll for a Germany nano-degree under the course of International Contract Management with the International University of Applied Sciences (IU).  The reason behind this campaign is that am not in a good financial position to individually pay the tuition charge for myself. I rely on the Artsy Africa Academy, online programs to support my degree, which is accessible and mobile friendly for everyone to use. Therefore, on this note, I am seeking a crowd funding for this course because it’s quite difficult for me to get the amount of fee required to pay and complete the course. I am aiming at raising 150 euros (UGX 6048,000) to help me pay for the Germany nano-degree/certificate at the International University of Applied Sciences (IU).

If I attain my goal of raising the amount required, I will be able to pay for the nano-degree and I will get an internationally recognized and accepted certificate that will enable me learn new skills in the area that I am specifically interested in. I am sure that this course will help me find the best career in the job market and it will enable me learn new skills in the field of contract management and also help me gain confidence in training my fellow employees to develop a sustainable environment for my organization and the people around me and become a better person in my position of interest. Today organizations and individuals live in an era of contractual agreements in any kind of transaction made with either an individual, organization or company. Therefore, the international contract management course with IU will help me gain skills and experiences that will be well appreciated by my organization to help them in drafting contracts both at international, individual or organization level, that I will have attained from different resourceful professors, lecturers and fellow students on international contract management.

I have great belief that the Germany nano-degree at the International University of Applied sciences (IU) is a great and excellent platform for increasing knowledge, skills, training and achieving the aspired prospects of the future that’s why I choose to take this course to attain part of goals in life.

With kind regards I hear by request you to support me and my online studies for the online Nano-Degree/ certificate at the International University of Applied Sciences (IU). A donation of UGX, 35,000 could help me reach a target of UGX, 604,000 that is required to make the tuition payment for the Nano-Degree.

The donation received from you will go directly towards the payment of tuition for the Germany Nano-Degree in International Contract Management. With all this I would like to thank you for each donation that will have been put in as contribution towards gaining my goal.

Here is a way you can make a donation:

  • Make a donation online at [URL of my crowdfunding campaign]


With great thanks,

     Kyotasobora Peter.



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