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This survey is aimed at offering insights And celebrating the rich history of the African continent .All information collected here will be only for informational purpose and helping us reach the audience this Magazine truly deserves

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Team Member



Mr. Eddie Kayiira


Project Manager

Mr. Bashir Mwanje


Contact persons NGOs

Artsy Academy Cameroon

Head of Cameroon

Mr. Landry Njike   +237 656 081 034

Mr. Landry Njike 
+237 656 081 034

Artsy Africa Academy Uganda

Head of Uganda

Mr. Duda Baker +256 701 250 548

Mr. Duda Baker
+256 701 250 548

Förderungsnetzwerk Afrika e.V.

Program Manager Germany

Dr. Sigrun Härtl

Mr. Bashir Mwanje
+256 726 073 961


Academy Uganda

Kibuli Central Region

Kampala, Uganda

Academy Cameroon

Mandja, Rue du Festival, Carrefour Gustavo Niat P.O BOX  9365 Baganangte, cameroon

Funding Network

Förderungsnetzwerk Afrika e.V.

Großreuther Straße 128
90425 Nürnberg