Unterstützung von Duda Baker für ein deutsches Nano-Diplom in Human Resource Management



My name is Duda baker, I am from Uganda and I am 40 years old, I work at Artsy Africa academy as the Head of Uganda, I have a high school diploma and unfortunately, I could not continue my education due to the financial problems, and therefore I want to enroll in an international human resource management course. The reason behind is that I am not in a financial condition to pay the fees for this course. I am an only supporter and responsible for earning the livelihood of all family members. I work for an NGO (Artsy Africa academy) and therefore I rely on their support for my degree. However, this is a magnificent website for providing a funding opportunity and it is accessible for everyone, Therefore, I am seeking a crowd funding for this course because it is quite difficult for me together such amount for the fee and complete this course, I am looking to raise 150 euros (6048,000ugx) to help me pay for IU (International University of applied science) Germany nano degree/ certificate.


I will be able to get an internationally accepted certificate and will be able to learn new skills. I feel that this course will help me to find out the best career in the market, this course will help me to understand better the applications of leadership and human resource management and it will teach me how to train employees and develop a sustainable environment for my organization and become a better person in my position. because today in every organization the role of leadership and human resource management is highly appreciated, and a leadership program is the best way to build the skills for the management roles, through this course I will learn different business strategies from those resourceful professors on human resource management and it will help me in making good decisions and be better in my position at my organization. I expect the Germany international degree is an excellent platform for increasing knowledge and achieving aspired prospects of the future that’s why I prefer to take this course to achieve the goals of my life.



I hereby ask you to support me and my online studies for a Nano degree/certificate from IU (International University of applied science). Just a small donation of 40,000ugx can help me reach a goal of 604,8000ugx.


Your donation will go toward the tuition to IU for the Nano degree in human resource management


Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support.


Here are the ways you can make a donation:


— Make a donation online at [URL of my crowdfunding campaign]


Thank you again!



Duda baker


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