You want to study at a German top University with fees probably lower than in your country?

This Uni has the Solution!

IUBH is a German Top University that offers High Quality Degrees

Our goal is to help you achieving your goals. An international degree is the gateway to a prosperous career. Whether you are aiming for Bachelor-, Master- or even an MBA Degree, you have to make sure to get quality education and a top of the notch degree. The study programmes are highly flexible, so that you can customize it to your needs. IUBH University in Germany offers online study courses with a massive discount for students from African countries.


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What students say about IUBH

"In the beginning, I was a bit unsure but the student recruitment team has been very kind and they gave me all the necessary information needed for a safe study at IUBH Online."

Amira, MBA Student at IUBH

"I decided to go with IUBH Online for my studies as I can benefit from a high standard German degree as well as from a very good distance learning approach. The modules and courses are easy to access and the lecturers do a great job."

Quentin, Bachelor Student at IUBH

"The application process was an easy one. My academic advisor from the student recruitment team worked with me every step of the applicaton process. They helped me so that I would not only be accepted but also would be considered for a scholarship to study with IUBH."

Zola, Master Student at IUBH


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