international career

Prepare for a national / international career or to start your own business.

Our courses at Artsy Africa Academy are designed to qualify you for a national and international professional career. The combination of practice and theory will allow you to acquire a wealth of knowledge that will also help you to realize your business idea. Learn new knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, from engaging video lectures combined with practical experience in international companies and projects.

All courses offered are completely free of charge, payment is made only when requesting a certificate!

Please Note: All Courses only available for people living in Uganda or Burkina Faso

Become a Certified Junior Professional in just 3 Months, no Degree needed. You already have a Degree? Then become an international Expert in a few weeks.

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Certified Junior Professional

A person who has the basic skills to start in a local company or project and wants to develop into a professional in the future.

Certified Professional

A person who has improved skills to start in a local company or project and thus immediately contributes his learned knowledge to the company / project.

Certified International Expert

An expert with extensive knowledge or ability in a given subject, who is ready to work in a Leading role for international Companies

After your certification as an Expert, we will connect you to international companies worldwide.

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