Online fundraising to help to pay the study fees for a person in Africa


Many people in Africa have the ability to study but not enough money to finance their studies. We want to change that with Artsy Africa’s Help2Study programme.

A secure fundraising platform where every one easily can help, to fulfil a person’s wish to study




Our programme works very simple:

  1. More than 90% of the cost for a scholarship is already covered by Study Access Alliance partners

  2. You choose who you would like to support and together with others contribute for the rest of the 10% through a donation.

  3. We forward the entire tuition fee to the International University in Germany

  4. The student can then start their desired degree programme on IU and receive an internationally recognised degree that will change his/her life.

  5. After graduation, each student is given the opportunity to be placed in international companies worldwide through our partner .

If you are Student and want to get a funding please click here.


Please note: If the entire amount for a Studyfunding could not be successfully collected, the remaining donations will be used for a nother student in need.

As a donor, you can always request a refund of your donation if you do not agree.

You can browse through some profiles and make someone happy by donating for their remaining study fees.