5 tipps for your profile

Crowdfunding has become a popular financing option. But it is not easy to survive in the highly competitive market. We show you some tips on how to better plan and implement your crowdfunding campaign.

1. find your first supporters

To increase your reach even before the launch, use publicity. Try to spread your campaign through friends and family via social networks or even personally. Don’t be afraid to contact newspapers and magazines. However, do not be too aggressive.

2. videos are important

A visual representation of your project is essential. Make it as easy as possible for potential get to know your CV in a short time. The best option is a pitch video in where you briefly introducie yourself and explain why people should invest in your studies.

3. show your face

Crowdfunding is all about trust. Therefore, you should reveal who you are and what you look like right from the start. The crowd is much more likely to invest in someone who has a face behind him. When taking a step into the public eye, keep in mind which target group you want to address and act accordingly. 

4. stage yourserlf

The first thing people look at on crowdfunding portals are pictures. Therefore, choose a suitable photo of yourself that shows you in the best position.

Include information about your CV and qualifications in the description. In the short description, explain your potential donor why they should invest in you of all people.

5. communication

Stay in constant contact with your supporters. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media. If you invest money in someone, you want to be kept up to date. Plan an event when goals are reached. That’s how you make contacts.